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sponsor a child 10% of proceeds from stitchpixie.com go towards sponsoring a child named memory in zambia. she is a hopechild through world vision, meaning that she lives in a place devastated by aids/hiv. in addition to the clean water, food, health care, education, and spiritual nurture a child through world vision receives, a hope child also benefits from AIDS prevention and counseling as well as care for sick or dying parents. sponsor a child, a hopechild, or a family through world vision today.

in 2006, i was able to donate a goat to a family. The early morning bleating of a dairy goat is a happy sound for children. They know it's ready to be milked! A goat provides a family with fresh milk, cheese and added income when they sell offspring, and any extra food at the market.

in 2008 i made the following donations:

i feel like my target audience for my product - vegan/left-wing/feminists - is often at odds with the admittedly christian organization. when i go to craft fairs, i see people's faces brighten up at seeing my 10% sponsors a child signs. then they ask me what organziation i go through, and i'm always heartbroken about the reactions i get when i say world vision with all its christian connotations. regardless of what background people come from, i think a lot of them are hostile toward such organizations and brush them off, saying that very little of your dollar actually goes toward helping the child and it gets eaten up in administrative fees. but i found the expenditure breakdown from two big organizations, so you can see for yourself that they're not out to rob you of your money.
piecharts there are lots of donations you can make at world vision - you can even buy a family a dairy farm! here's a few more things you can donate: Oxen and Plow, Camel, Mule, Alapacas! who knew that there was more to world vision than just child sponsorship. and even with sponsoring one child you end up supporting the child's whole family.


i've taken what little html i learned 11 years ago and started with this. i hope you enjoy my hand-drawn images and hand-made items. cheers!

minda and cyan are happy to read your emails! delete and modify the anti-spam measures in the email address that pops up when you click the above image.

stitchpixie is run by Cyan, an artist from Vancouver, BC. Well before she was a teenager, she picked up drawing, dance, photography, and writing. A teacher once told her, "Don't make your passion your career - it'll suck the fun out of it." So it only makes sense that she’s a full-time pharmacist, juggling side interests of photography, ballet, lyrical, and jazz dance, all the while crafting and mailing out orders in her free time.

Each accessory is designed, handmade, and photographed by stitchpixie herself.

Her current focus combines punchy color with simplicity and function. Her Akimbo line of sterling earrings incorporates the earring functionality into the overall design for a sleek, aesthetically balanced feel. Her vegan-friendly vinyl pouches and wristlets deconstruct everyday images into simple di- or tri-chromatic works that tackle everything from mammalian reproduction to nature scenes. She is heavily inspired by pop art and retro memorabilia, and she has a greater interest in fashioning unique designs rather than mass-producing the same piece.

more about the items
cyan maintains a journal that showcases her newest items that may or may not hit the shop here. she also has a personal journal if you're interested in keeping up with her photography and daily happenings. items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home (although i cannot guarantee the origins from which thrifted items have come).

but stitchpixie, what is a wristlet?
a wristlet is a small bag that you can slide on your wrist to keep your hands free for doing everything else! this windy day wristlet is modeled by my awesome friend tiara.

all prices are in american dollars. credit cards through paypal and money orders are accepted.

priority shipping to the US starts at $4.95, and international/canada at $9. each item is handmade and may take up to 8 weeks to ship.

return policy
i cannot accept returns or exchanges, but if you are unhappy for any reason, please send an email my way.

caring for your stitchpixie items
vinyl accessories can be cleaned with alcohol and a cotton ball as soon as possible. most hand-made clothing should be cared for via hand washing in cold water, and hanging to dry.

privacy policy
your information will never be shared with any third parties.